A list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding ticketing at our Box Office.

Q. What are my options when booking and purchasing tickets?

There are 6 ways in which you can book / purchase tickets: Reservations. You can make an unpaid reservation by telephoning the Box Office on (03) 6420 2900. We will hold the reservation for 2 working days, at which point it will be cancelled if it has not been paid for. This service is available unless contractual obligations preclude us. Credit Card Transactions. You may purchase tickets by phone charging them to your credit card. Over the phone we accept MasterCard & Visa, When booking online, we accept MasterCard, Visa & AMEX. This is a convenient method of paying for those who, for whatever reason, cannot make it into the centre.
Tickets may then be collected at your convenience right up to performance time. If you require someone else to collect on your behalf, fax us that person’s name and your authorisation. We will not accept a booking made on another person’s card. This ensures security for your ticket/s and helps guard against fraudulent use of your credit card. In Person. You may purchase the tickets directly from the Box Office or an agent where advertised for a special event. The Box Office hours are from Monday to Friday, 9am until 4.30pm and prior to performances. Door Sales. You may wish to purchase tickets on the day / night of the performance either at the Box Office, or at the venue (which ever is applicable). Please remember that we cannot guarantee you preferred seating or even tickets if you leave it until the last minute to make your purchase!
By Mail. You may prefer to book by mail, writing to us with your ticket order and enclosing a cheque or money order. Tickets can be held for collection or mailed out. The Mail-Out service is usually available for all tickets purchased early. This incurs a $3.50 service fee for regular mail or $6.60 for Registered Post in addition to any other fees. Once tickets are mailed out the DECC does not take responsibility for any lost or stolen tickets. By Internet. If you want to book tickets any time day or night you can now use the online box office on our website. The system with offer you the best seats that are still available for the performance or you can select your own from the interactive seat map. A $2.75 per ticket processing fee is applicable to all internet sale. Additional fees may apply.

Q. How can I get the best seats for the show?

Firstly, and most importantly purchase your tickets early!
If you wait until a few days before the show to book, then it is highly unlikely that we will be able to give you the seats that you want. When booking over the phone state your seating preference, and we will do our best to accommodate you. When entering reservations into the system, we automatically give the best available seats. Remember that getting in early will enable us to serve you better!

Q. Once a show is sold out, why are there sometimes seats available at a later date?

Promoters often request that a varying number of seats be held for their own purposes. The requests can change right up until the last minute; therefore seats can sometimes be released on the day of the show.

Q. Does the Devonport Entertainment & Convention Centre set the ticket prices?

The individual promoters and organisations set the ticket prices. This is includes the option of concession prices. They are also in charge of the adverting for the events.

Q. Why are ticket prices sometimes more expensive from the Entertainment Centre than they are from elsewhere?

In most cases there is a booking fee that applies to all tickets sold – irrespective of from whom they are purchased. The only varying factor is how much is charged as the booking fee. Although the tickets here may sometimes be more expensive than other agents, it may also occur the other way around.

Q. What do I do if my tickets have been lost or stolen?

Contact the box office regarding this issue. Our staff will only accept enquiries from the person who purchased the tickets and will require full name, address and contact details.
PLEASE NOTE: Standing and General Admission tickets can NOT be replaced or duplicated under any circumstances.

Q. Why are some refreshments for sale in the building but not permitted in the theatre?

In order to maintain a pleasant environment for all guests, hot food and beverage is restricted to areas outside the theatre.

Q. Why are some refreshments for sale in the building but not permitted in the theatre?

In order to maintain a pleasant environment for all guests, hot food and beverage is restricted to areas outside the theatre.

Q. Do you keep a waiting list for sold-out performances?

Yes, we do keep a waiting list. You may call the box office and ask us to add your name and phone number to the waiting list. We will call if tickets become available.
If we cannot reach you when we try to call, we will move to the next name on the list, and so on, calling through the entire list, and then re-calling those we could not reach the first time.

Q. Can I buy a ticket at the Box Office just prior to the performance?

Yes, the Entertainment Centre Box Office is open on days of performance for one hour prior to curtain, tickets are available unless sold out.


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